Traffic accident lawyer

After having been the victim of a road accident, it is essential to have a specialized driving license lawyer Marie Napoli to lodge a complaint or to obtain compensation for the damage suffered. The Lawyer in Road Law is an interlocutor and a privileged counsel for the right of victims, whether to deal with the insurer or with the person responsible for the accident.

Its purpose is the recognition of your damage to its fair value as regards the amount of compensation, particularly in the case of bodily injury or non-pecuniary damage.

Initial amicable phase with insurance

After a traffic accident, it is tempting to accept the offer of compensation offered by your insurance after study of the expert doctor. This solution although fast has many disadvantages. The offer may for example be much lower than what you could get with a fair assessment of your medical record.

The specialized road accident lawyer is an expert in damage compensation, he will advise you in the constitution of your file for a bodily injury, economic or moral.

The lawyer specializing in Road Law has an important role during the amicable phase:

  • it analyzes the circumstances of the accident in order to establish liabilityin the event of a dispute in the event of a personal accident after a hit-and-run or other traffic offense,
  • he can seize the Guarantee Fund of the Compulsory Insurance of Damages (FGAO)in case of non-identification of the responsible driver (must be seized within 3 years in this case) or of drivers without insurance (must be seized within a delay of 1 year in this case) to the victim,
  • Finally, it allows an independent medical consultantto assess the actual damage (head trauma, etc.) and if there is a difference of opinion with the insurance doctor (on the expert’s report), he can ask the Tribunal the appointment of a Judicial Expert,
  • he can finally negotiate the payment of the provisions as well as the final compensationafter consolidation.