Looking Into An Accident Lawyer When Hurt At Work

Unfortunately, things happen, including injuries a worker sustains while working. In the state of Iowa, there is workers’ compensation available to workers through their employers. However, there are the occasional odd occurrences where your employer may deny you when you file a workers’ compensation claim. If it comes down to that, you will need an experienced lawyer on your side to help you get the claim you are due for your on-the-job injuries or illness. To get your Iowa workers compensation benefits, you should get in touch with the Law Offices of James P. Hoffman immediately.

James Hoffman is a personal injury lawyer located in the Keokuk area of Iowa. He boasts many years of experience in a wide scope of areas, including workers’ compensation and social security. Mr. Hoffman has a long and very successful history in representing people who have been coping with a variety of injuries stemming from injuries sustained on the job and by no fault of their own.

In addition to handling cases from clients in Iowa, James P. Hoffman also handles cases in both Illinois and Missouri. He has a varied background that is worth knowing about if you are considering hiring him to handle your workers’ compensation case.

Mr. Hoffman concentrates a large focus of his expertise in Iowa workers’ compensation. He is there to fight for your rights as a worker who is injured or falls ill on the job when you are denied your rightful benefits by your employer.

Although the laws regarding workers’ compensation tend to be different depending on the state, in general, you can expect it to cover medical care, surgery and hospital services, dental services, hearing aids, chiropractic care, nursing care, physical therapy and prescription medications. Workers are also entitled to additional compensation if they are injured and are rendered temporarily unable to work for longer than a certain number of days, become permanently disabled or require inpatient hospitalization due to injuries or an illness sustained at work.

Overall, there are certain types of injuries that fall under the category of eligibility for workers’ compensation in Iowa. You are legally entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if you sustain the following:

Repetitive Stress Injury: A good example of a repetitive stress injury is carpal tunnel syndrome, which can gradually develop when an employee performs everyday work duties at a workstation while using a computer. Often, it develops when stress is placed on the hands, wrists and fingers when the workstation is not ergonomic. The injury can be debilitating and individuals can receive either temporary or permanent wage loss benefits.
Construction Accidents: Construction work is among the most dangerous in the country and can result in not only very serious injuries but death as well. If a construction site is unsafe or workers are not provided with the right protection to ensure their safety, such as helmets, harnesses and other equipment, they are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. It is also important to ensure that any and all equipment is up-to-date.
Burn Injuries: People who work around fire or certain chemicals are more susceptible to suffering burn injuries. These injuries are exceptionally severe and can be debilitating.
Toxic Exposure: Workers who are exposed to harmful toxins can suffer serious injuries and illnesses, including those that can be fatal, such as cancer, leukemia and organ damage.

If a worker is denied their claim for workers’ compensation by their employer or even fired when they make a claim for it, it’s mandatory to have a skilled lawyer representing them. Contact the Law Offices of James P. Hoffman at your earliest convenience at 866-435-0728.