Giving Mother Earth Her Due  

There has been a rise in the use of earth friendly textiles lately, and the trend is projected to continue into the next year as manufacturers respond to customers queries about their sustainability practices and policies.  One company that prides itself on the use of these new fabrics is Athleta.  The Power of She is a tagline you see on their site and they make workout gear that is engineered from sustainable and renewable sources.

Another focus of the company is the empowerment of women and girls.  Talk about human resources, if women and girls are not encouraged to reach their best and highest potential a precious resource is untapped.  Think about the contributions made by women that are enjoyed the world over.  Politics, the arts, medicine, science have all benefitted from their outpouring of cutting edge discoveries, work in marginalized communities and efforts to educate and inspire future generations.

Athleta is a cool site because it goes beyond the mere selling of clothes and promotes healthy lifestyles that are beneficial to the planet.  They even have recipes and tips on maintaining healthy skin.

And you can save money when you shop the site through Groupon. Groupon offers great deals on Athleta apparel that can save you as much as 50% off swimwear, 15% off your first purchase, and an instant $20 off selected merchandise.  But that’s not all, because you can save additional money by using special codes for special sales and promos.

Athleisure wear is really hot right now, and some of the best constructed and scientifically refined wear is coming from Athleta.  One of their signature fabrics is Lenzing Modal, a fiber that is produced from beech wood trees.  It’s so breathable and soft you won’t believe it’s made from wood.  This fiber is combined with Modal/Lycra, Modal/Spandex and Modal/Polyester for the most comfortable workout possible.  You’ve heard all about these new fabrics made from sustainable fabrics, using the latest technology to create the best fit.  Now try them for yourself.  Shop Groupon for deals on Athleta and see what everyone’s been raving about.  This company is actually recycling scraps of fabric rather than send it off to the nearest landfill.  You’ve got to applaud their dedication.  And you’ll love their clothes.