4 Game Animals All Hunters Should Harvest at Least Once

North America is full of excellent hunting grounds. The USA is home to a wide range of climates and environments, as well as game to hunt. It is a function of both the physical makeup of the USA, and its unique history, that hunting is still a popular sport and a point of passion for many people. From the smallest game to the largest beasts, there are many different animals to hunt. Taking a shot at all of them will require that the intrepid hunter is willing to tour the full length and breadth of the nation.

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Here are some of the most unique, challenging, or just downright tasty game animals that every hunter should pursue at least once in their lifetimes.


Hunting caribou is a unique experience owing to the unique environments in which they are found. They are tundra animals that prefer the cold. Many hunters, unless they happen to reside in one of the few US states that features tundra heavily, have likely never hunted on these vast expanses of white. Hunting on the tundra is an experience that no hunter is likely to forget any time soon. When they are domesticated, caribou are known as reindeer, they resemble very large deer, and the males weigh around 400 pounds.

Wild Boar

Unlike many of the animals of this list, wild boar hunting is definitely not for the timid or faint of heart. These animals are large, strong, and they can be very aggressive. Oh, and they have huge tusks which can cause serious damage to anything, or anyone, who gets in their way. A wild boar won’t go down easily, and naturally they don’t take kindly to being shot, so make sure that the first shot you land is a kill shot. Because there are a number of areas of North America where the wild boar population is considered to be out of control, there is often no limit set on the amount or number that you can harvest.  Italy is a fantastic country in which to hunt boar if you’d rather head abroad.


The cougar is an impressive animal. Like all big cats, it is beautiful, agile, and a devastatingly effective hunter. Like the wild boar, this is not game to be pursued by the faint of heart, they are capable of fighting back and are experts at stealth. Most experienced hunters recommend hunting cougars with the aid of hounds (although some states don’t allow these, so check beforehand), or a local guide who knows the terrain. Hunting with a guide will greatly improve your chances of success.

Canada Moose

As the name implies, these animals, the largest members of the deer family, are found in Canada and the northern USA. They can reach up to seven feet tall at the shoulder, and weigh as much as 1500 pounds. They are big and impressive beasts, which makes them a nice big target for newer hunters. They can become aggressive, however, so you should keep your distance as much as possible, especially during the breeding season.

These four animals represent just a small selection of the many different game animals that can be found in the United States. Hunting these animals is a unique experience, each one represents a different challenge in a different environment.